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Oracle EBS R12.2 Upgrade Automation

Oracle EBS Upgrade Automation

Reduce the Cost

and Complexity

of Your EBS


  • ennVee’s proprietary Oracle EBS upgrade accelerator helps to streamline and automate a large portion of an upgrade cycle ultimately reducing time, cost, and risk in the process. Our EBS upgrade accelerator tool cuts the typical upgrade time in half by reducing the high efforts of development remediation associated with a customized Oracle EBS environment.
  • Other EBS upgrade tools help identify custom objects, some even tell you what components will break and how to manually fix them. The one thing all the other upgrade tools have in common – they leave the manual development work to you. Manual object remediation is highly cost and time-intensive, and in the end, everything still has to undergo multiple rounds of testing.
  • We solved this gap through automation…
  • ennABLE is our proprietary automation tool that we use to help organizations upgrade from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and R12.x to R12.2. We purpose-built ennABLE to make it easier, faster, and cheaper for customers to upgrade and keep current on Oracle EBS newest features and benefits. Our EBS upgrade tool automatically identifies, remediates, and migrates your Oracle EBS custom objects to comply with the latest EBS 12.2.x release from Oracle. ennABLE is the only upgrade tool on the market delivering automated object remediation for Oracle EBS environments.

Key Features of ennABLE

Identifies all custom, missing, and suspect objects

Automatic tests of technical objects and connectivity

Detailed integrity check (internal control process)

Automatic remediation and migration of all objects from older EBS versions

Assign and retire customizations

To-be object validation

Automatically Remediate &

Migrate EBS Custom Objects

  • While using our EBS Upgrade Accelerator, we automatically remediate and migrate your custom database, setup, and RICEFW/CEMLI objects from 11i or 12.x to 12.2. ennABLE works with all versions of Oracle EBS (11i, 12.x, 12.2.x).

ennABLE remediates the following Oracle EBS custom objects:

Your EBS Upgrade is Complicated

Lack of clear project plan and roadmap

Budget and timeline constraints

An abundance of custom objects

You need an EBS Upgrade

Implementation Expert

  • We’ve been helping organizations upgrade Oracle EBS environments for 18 years. We are the only company with a proprietary tool that can automatically remediate Oracle EBS custom objects and remove 80% of the manual effort required during remediation.
years of experience
less manual effort
less custom development

Leverage Automation During Your EBS Upgrade Project

Automated assessment of existing custom objects

Segregate custom objects by type, usage, and complexity

Automatically remediate your custom code to comply with 12.2.x

What is Included in an Oracle EBS Upgrade


  • We assess your current Oracle EBS environment to identify all impacted and potentially impacted customizations, required code changes, and effort required to remediate and test each custom object.


  • At the end of the assessment, you receive an actionable project plan with resource and skill set requirements, EBS upgrade timeline, and not-to-exceed pricing to perform the upgrade with or without ennVee’s services.

How long does an EBS upgrade assessment take?

  • Our upgrade assessment will take approximately 4 weeks and is billed as a flat, one-time fee that can be credited towards your Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade. For more information visit our FAQ ennABLE page.

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